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Biden on Afghanistan: “Is it All Over Yet?”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - After the disastrous mismanagement and gross mistakes of the Afghanistan surrender by Joe Biden, he has retired to his basement.

The cowardice and apathetic evil of Joe Biden knows no bounds, as he hides himself away in his basement, letting the carnage of Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover continue with little or no leadership.

Retiring to his basement, Biden has dismissed the deaths of many during the chaos in Kabul, and even when questioned about Afghans falling from American C-17 planes disgustingly retorted ‘That was four or five days ago, man!’.

Passing the buck to everyone else but himself, Biden refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions or inactions. He instead retires back to his dark basement to hide away from any news or reality.

“Biden suffers from his Catholic guilt, deep down he knows what he has done, the horrors of millions of Afghan people he has condemned to certain death and persecution, he is trying to bury it all deep down in his psyche, but like a bubbling stinky swamp, the thoughts will haunt this coward who has shamed America. Saying a few Hail Marys and Our Fathers will not rectify anything that has been committed by this evil, corrupt treasonous coward,” a Biden observer noted.

It will be some time before the yellow-stained coward Biden emerges from his dark basement while all hell is breaking loose.

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