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Tony Blair: “Don’t Look at Me, I’ve Got Nothing to Do With This!”

LONDON - England - Whilst parliament reconvenes today to discuss the horror of Afghanistan, Tony Blair, the former Labour leader, is silent.

Whilst the usual blame shifting continued in a reconvened parliament today, there was only silence from a very significant player in the Afghan crisis — Tony Blair.

Blair today is an enriched elder statesman who rolls himself out now and then to advise everyone on a plan of action regarding whatever problem is irking, however, this time he strangely seems to be silent.

Afghanistan, of course, has been a thorn in many a PM’s side throughout history, however, Tony Blair’s role in committing British forces once again into the adverse country, should be analysed. It was solely committed because Blair followed Bush without question. Britain was/is the poodle of the United States, and thanks to Blair following the blood crazed American Neocons into nightmare situations without question or fortitude, Britain has once again been defeated in Afghanistan.

How should the ‘special relationship’ be re-evaluated in the future? Should British forces be bullied into following insane policies of the United States without question?

The premise of the initial attack of Afghanistan was to destroy “Bin Laden” and his Al Qaeda terrorists. This was a clear hot-headed plan to simply kill some Muslims in retaliation for the 911 attacks, because Bin Laden was in Pakistan, and not in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda, a fluid organisation never stays in a singular place for any length of time, cannot be charged with any singular territory belonging to them.

We would not be in this mess if it had not been for Tony Blair and the Labour Party, which have been trying to shift the blame to Boris Johnson today in parliament.

As parliament babbles on inanely today, Tony Blair, the architect of Britain’s demise in Afghanistan, is silent in one of his many multi-million pound mansions. Iraq was next for Blair and Bush.

Blair will not be called up for his crimes, and neither will his Neocon master George W. Bush, who are the real ones with piles of bloody bodies on their unwashed hands. The clueless Joe Biden, who does not even know what day it is, let alone anything about Afghanistan, is a useless dreg, a faltering half-brain cell who just needs to go back to sleep and ignore that anything happened in that dusty, hellish country.

All your babbling will not right the wrongs, you will not feel better for airing your grievances, because out there in Afghanistan, right now, people are being killed, persecuted and tortured, all because of the insane aspirations of the Western ‘state builders’ who tried to change the impossible.

Today, Islamic Jihad wins, and it revels in the riches of its victory, while the naive meddling West receives a sharp, swift kick in the groin, and a stiff dose of fucking reality.


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