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Hamas: “Thank you Joe Biden, We Got US Weapons From Afghanistan”

GAZA - Hamas need to thank Joe Biden for leaving $7 billion of high-end US weaponry behind in Afghanistan.

The botched and lazy exit from Afghanistan where 7 billion dollars worth of high-end US weaponry were abandoned by the Biden administration and left to the Taliban is now coming back to haunt the world. Those weapons were mostly peddled through Pakistan by arms dealers and into the Middle East, or sold off to any terrorist group that had the money.

Weak Biden Opens Door to Islamic Jihad Once More – Daily Squib, August 2021

The unforeseen terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas against Israel were facilitated in part by the U.S. arms that were left behind in Afghanistan by the Biden administration. Those arms have found a new home. Startling images showed Hamas terrorists rampaging through Israeli villages. Some images appeared to show Hamas terrorists with U.S.-made military arms. Small arms abandoned to Taliban terrorists in 2021 have been smuggled to Hamas terrorists and used to kill innocent Jewish men, women and children.

Biden’s sclerotic White House left $7 billion in weapons and equipment in the wake of the disastrously mismanaged Afghanistan withdrawal. The huge list of military inventory consisted of 600,000 weapons – including 350,000 M-4 and M-16 rifles, 60,000 machine guns and 25,000 grenade launchers. That’s on top of the 23,825 Humvees in Afghanistan, including armoured gun truck variants, and nearly 900 combat vehicles, and over 10 Blackhawk helicopters, all of which are in the hands of the Taliban, a terror organization that is the avowed enemy of the United States.

NBC News reported on the illicit arms supply to terrorists in Pakistan in January 2023 and Middle East Monitor reported in June that U.S. and Israeli intelligence were aware that U.S. arms were being carried by terrorists in Gaza.

The current war in Gaza, which will probably escalate across the Middle East, can all thus be attributed to many factors, one of which would be Joe Biden who botched the Afghan withdrawal of US forces and abandoned billions of dollars of high-end US weaponry to be used by terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to slaughter innocent Jewish civilians.

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