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The Biden Hologram Can Only Watch as Israel and Gaza Go...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - While the impotent Biden hologram can only watch from the sidelines as Israel and Gaza fight, things would have been different under President Trump.

How Many Times? Suicidal Arabs with No Air Force Try to...

GAZA - Primitive rocket attacks on Israel are an exercise in futility seeing as the technologically advanced Israelis have an air force, Iron Dome and access to satellites.

Israeli Property Developers Ready to Move Into Gaza

TEL AVIV - Israel - Gaza has been earmarked for re-development by real estate companies in Israel, a high ranking Israeli official has admitted.

Israeli Blitzkrieg Bombs Gaza Rubble into Smaller Pieces of Rubble

GAZA - Palestine - An Israeli blitzkrieg of bombs has reduced the pieces of rubble that already occupy the tiny strip of land into smaller pieces of rubble and even some bits of sand.

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