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Gaza War: Fear the Wrath of the Hebrew God

GAZA - Beware of the wrath of the Hebrew God, the Hamas terrorists who hide like rats behind Palestinian human shields are realising this now.

Some say the God of the Muslims is fearsome, others say the Christian God is even more fearsome, however the wrath of the Hebrew God is the most to be feared at the moment.

Here are people who have feared for their lives for centuries, for thousands of years have been persecuted and hunted down. There is no doubt that the Hebrew God is the most fearsome when he is awakened. First he waits to see the actions of the enemies of his people, he sees the atrocities committed upon them, and from there he gauges how much power and level of force must be unleashed via the universal karmic conduit.

When it comes to the current Gaza war there is no distinction between women; babies, young children, the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the healthy, they all get bombed, for this is the wrath of a God who according to the myths of ages even made Egyptian Pharaohs cry into their papyrus parchments. As much as the tenth plague of Egypt revealed the true wrath of the Hebrew God, so it is today that YHVH brings upon a pestilence and almighty tempest onto the Palestinians and their overlord terrorist group Hamas hiding in tunnels like cowardly rats using the Palestinian people as human shields. The Egyptian Gods were no match for the Hebrew God. The Hamas terrorist organisation, backed by Russia, Iran and China effectively has declared that their wish is to wipe out every single Jew from the land gifted to them, which of course is disputed land, although it is indeed called Israel and has been called Israel for thousands of years.

Early Christians had to first convert to Judaism before becoming Christians, therefore one could postulate that the Hebrew God is also the same God as the Christians, albeit with different Messiahs.

When one says God, ultimately each religious point of reference or culture is different, therefore their Gods are different, however the term God is a possible description for the collective energy of a nation or religious belief, or a form of universal frequency. Some religions bring forth idol worship for their Gods or Messiahs, others like the Muslims forbid the worship of a human image.

Well, we have now seen the wrath of the Hebrew God on the people of Gaza, what may emerge is an even more powerful vengeful entity with the Muslim God, or even the Chinese God which is at the moment the Communist leader, seeing as communism is a religion in itself.

Does God value technology? Certainly, in the case of meting out punishment the advanced technology of the Hebrew God is indeed fearsome thanks to billions of military aid from the USA, but there is one minor detail — there are only 15 million Jews in the world today, and only 7 million in Israel. This is a small fraction of the amount of Muslims there are, or even the Christians. Almost 24% of the global population, making up 1.8 billion people, follow the Islamic religion. This is possibly why the Hebrew God is showing such wrath as of late, because it has to do with this, it has to bark back loudly otherwise it will simply be overrun by the hordes. This is another brutal fight for survival, after yet another brutal attack on the people of Judea.

Whichever religion wins the war does not even matter, it is inconsequential, and even if there is total destruction of all sides in the war, it still does not matter. The universe will carry on whether the Hebrew, Muslim, Christian or even Hindu Gods and Goddesses are all eradicated. That’s because humans need a God, but God or the universe does not necessarily need humans.

R.I.P to the Press cameraman and doctor in the video below.

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