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Wrath of Israel: Has West Bank and Iran Sealed Its Fate?

YERUNAM - Israel - The true wrath of Israel will soon be unleashed upon Hamas militants and Iran who are behind the attacks.

While Biden slept and spent trillions of dollars on useless tin-pot socialist projects that serve no purpose at all, Iran has strengthened its octopus grip on the Middle East and is now probably capable of nuclear war. Through its proxies like militant group Hamas, Iran is orchestrating another full on assault on Israel, specifically targeting civilians. Behind Iran, lies Russian influence. What the Iranians and Hamas do not know is that they have now unleashed the demonic wrath of Israel, and have possibly sealed their own fate. Iran is also very fearful of a bilateral deal with arch enemies Saudi Arabia and Israel, and will do anything to thwart it.

Our prophetic parody satire news article of 2011 is slowly realising itself. Remember, prophecies cannot be chosen, they are presented to us without filter or bias, good or bad.

Yom Kippur 2.0

Israel is now at war whether it likes it or not after Hamas terrorists butchered at least 250 civilians in cold blood and took dozens of hostages to Gaza in a major surprise assault that left the country reeling. The surprise attack occurred on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah.

Touted as Israel’s 9/11 moment by the legacy press, one can only feel that this was an attack designed to catch the headlines and offer some harrowing footage to bolster the troops for the mother of all battles.

Hamas gunmen dragged off dozens of Israeli civilian and military hostages, including babies and their mothers, parading them through the streets of Gaza to baying crowds of Palestinians. The naked body of a German teenage girl who was killed whilst attending a music festival was seen being driven in the back of a pick-up truck. In video footage too graphic to publish, men and young boys are seen spitting on her body.

Unlocking the wrath of Israel is a dangerous pursuit, and it is assured that all hell has just been unleashed. This latest Hamas attack will most certainly lead to war. Global conflict may escalate further in Europe and the Middle East.

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