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Why the ‘Pearl Harbour’ Technique is Useful in War

JERUSALEM - Israel - The Pearl Harbour effect has been utilised many times throughout human history and war.

Throughout history, there is a circular effect where certain scenarios and techniques are enacted over and over again. One of these elements is the infamous ‘Pearl Harbour’ effect, which was also utilised on 911, September 11, 2001. The Project For a New American Century (PNAC), a neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C., wrote a paper called Rebuilding America’s Defences in 1997 which called for a “Pearl Harbor incident” to bring the American people together in support of military action in the Middle East. In propaganda terms, without the Pearl Harbour technique, it is hard for any nation to mobilise and motivate troops into action, as well as bolster public opinion as a nation goes to war.

The technique of going to war is in itself a complicated series of movements that the government will have to make to assure the general public that it is the only course of action left.

In essence, fear is the ultimate motivator as well as the threat upon survival. In political terms, a nation must also be united in a bipartisan way to go to war successfully; and this is why a visible attack, as well as televised civilian casualties, women, children and elderlies wounded or dead is the ultimate motivator.

The second stage is instilling anger amongst the population against the enemy, and this is why the airwaves must have constant loops of atrocities and burning buildings to further cement the elements of fear, anger and instil a motivation to fight. This motivation to fight the enemy must be so strong that mothers themselves will willingly send off their sons to war with no compunction or delay.


Both sides of the coin are fed within this perpetual circle of conflict, propaganda and violent warfare. In the case of the perpetual war between Israel and the Palestinians, each act of violence feeds another act of violence from each side, escalating at every level in a crescendo of compounding conflict.

Each side within the current conflict is right in their own sense and wrong at the same time, and each military movement is determined by push-pull factors that determine the final outcome.

Would this be a good time for China to invade Taiwan? Could this be a good time for Russia to invade Poland or continue inflaming ethnic tensions in Kosovo? As one conflict sizzles with authority, others emerge as well, simply because the aggressors want to take advantage of the overstretched factor of the supposed global policeman, the USA, which has been dormant from its usual global policing activities for some time.

Of course, things are not as simplistic as this, there are hundreds or thousands of variables in any conflict, but the main factors still reveal something of the answer to the question.

The circle of history persists over and over again. Humans do not learn, they are bound to their territorial instincts as any animal is bound in its own habitat. It is the year 2023, and the human species is still essentially a fucking caveman. Nothing changes, humans do not learn from history, they do not evolve to higher levels of consciousness as much as they think they do or have. Humans are still base creatures living in their concrete zoos along with their inability to access the higher echelons of consciousness of the enlightened. Without light, there is only darkness, and until humans embrace a form of existence where myths of the past written in supposed holy books are superseded by enlightened universal understanding, then human will continue repeating ad infinitum the same stupid shit they have been doing since the beginning.

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