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Can’t Define What a Woman is Anymore. Is Feminism to Blame?

LONDON - England - Can't define what a woman is? This could be down to feminism.

Isn’t it terrible, many mostly leftists who support feminism cannot define what a woman is anymore. It is a terrible Marxist malady infecting the socialist slash communist leftists. Many of these ideologically subverted creatures even think that women can have a penis. Labour leader, Keir Starmer being one of these misguided morons.

How did the human condition lower itself to such a level that many cannot even define what a woman is? In biological terms, it is easy – the word even has ‘logic’ slapped in there. To some extent, the blame for this debacle must be firmly pushed onto the feminists, who have moved so far away from traditional biological and ideological womanhood that they themselves and others cannot even define what they are anymore.

Feminism was essentially a Marxist soviet construct in the first place, and has been used against Western civilisation for some time by its enemies. By instilling this ideological bomb into society, the enemies of the West have succeeded in much of the population hating themselves; to hate who they are, to hate their own heritage/history, to hate their own nation, and to deny who they are by trying to become something else. This is possibly the most effective weapon ever created, and thus the West defeats itself from within, all without a single shot being fired.

The women are now moaning that no one knows who or what they are…aww…diddums, well, who is to blame for that, when they themselves don’t know who or what they are anymore?

You want a real woman now, you can find them out of the West, where feminism is seen as a murderer of society. The West has put an ideological gun to its head and pulled the trigger. Defeated it is.

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