Men have been continually attacked, vilified and made into third rate citizens for decades by the media, feminists and general anti-male #metoo one woman agenda.

It comes as no surprise then that men are just leaving women alone, because in the end men cannot win if they help a woman or leave them alone.

No doubt, this is what happened in a recent incident in the London Underground when a woman was attacked verbally and physically by a mentally unstable nutter. The two men in the carriage casually walked off into the adjoining carriage leaving the woman alone with her attacker.

There is little cause for modern feminist women to be alarmed by this, because it is a hole dug solely by themselves as they have alienated men to such a level that men are going their own way, and leaving women alone to get on with it.

The chivalrous male still lives on only in the imagination, because to open a door for a woman is seen as a serious sexist chauvinist act, and to protect a woman in this day and age can lead to men being prosecuted for sexist outrage, let alone daring to compliment a woman on her looks.

One cannot even ask a woman out on a date, or her phone number without being dragged through the courts, or feminist friendly newspapers. The media is now chock block full of articles where innocent men are charged with rape when in the past it would be labelled as bad fumbling uncommunicative sex.

The #metoo generation is one of thug rule, of judgement and sentence before fair trial, of alienating men to such a level that repair of the damage meted on relations with the opposite sex are nigh on impossible.

It is to this sorry end, that many men now leave women alone even when they see a female being viciously attacked.

This is what Third Wave Feminism has created and this is the lonely bed women must now lie in.