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America Great Again: Trump Achieves More in a Year Than Obama Full Term

CAPELLA - Singapore - President Donald J. Trump has achieved more in a year of office than eight years of Obama.

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As former president and token black president Obama sat on his haunches for eight years whilst twiddling his Marxist agenda around, Trump has achieved economic success, and something no other U.S. president could achieve — a peace treaty with North Korea.

Now that Kim Jong Un has come in from the cold, the Democrats are very silent…apart from Robert De-Niro who yesterday said the eloquent words ‘Fuck Trump’. What happened to Bobby eh, he was great in the early days, Deer Hunter, King of Comedy, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, Heat, but now he has turned into some sort of sap who can only make threats to a president who is actually moving mountains and get parts in shit movies like The Intern. Who would have thought, De Niro’s politics were that of a red commie bastard? What a fucking douche.

Over in old Blighty, we wish we had half the leadership of Trump, instead we are being led by a grey old boot Remainer with no fucking balls, no guts or charisma. Theresa May is a wet diarrhoea spillage not worthy of anything but the glue factory where they send old forgotten nags to get processed. She is a dead rotting carcass with no life, no chutzpa, no plan, and has wrecked Brexit simply because of her insipid lifeless non-personality, her purposeful stalling, and her treasonous Remainer appointees.

What did Obama achieve apart from introduce a failing health care system into America that is costing people way more for way less treatment? Obama lost the Ukraine to Russia. Obama spent trillions of U.S. taxpayers money on useless socialist pet projects that have doomed future generations of America to vast un-payable debt. When Obama was elected U.S. debt was 9 trillion, at the end of his eight year reign it was 23 trillion dollars.

Where is Barack Hussein Obama now? Who fucking cares? Him and his horrid cantankerous moose beast of a wife can rot in obscurity and Oprah appearances.

Trump has done more for African Americans than Obama ever did. He has brought massive employment to blacks, and also is not agitating the racial situation, something that Obama and his pal Soros tried to do during his evil term of office. The constant riots and agitating, the race baiting, was all Obama, who encouraged African Americans to riot pushing racial disharmony and hatred of white Americans.

History has spoken and Donald Trump has Trumped Obama a thousand times over.

As for Nobel Peace prizes, if Trump does not get one for his achievement in North Korea, then it is a flawed, biased prize, because Obama only got the prize for the colour of his skin, and he achieved nothing during his tenure.

What’s left for Trump now? Well, we got the wall, the trade war to make things fairer, a possible Iran incursion and cleaning out the Marxist agitators from internal governmental operations, amongst many other projects in the pipeline.

Bravo Trump, balls of fucking steel. On the other hand, what does this mean for the world order? How will N. Korea fit into the Trump World Order? Could there be a disturbance in the Force?

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