Theresa May’s Shameful “Brexit in Name Only” – Maybe a Vote For Corbyn to Protest is Fitting Punishment

LONDON - England - Don't even call it a Brexit. What Theresa May and her Remainer friends are plotting is something far from leaving the EU.

Theresa May frankly is not capable of negotiating her way out of a paper bag let alone a proper Brexit as voted by 17.4 million people. Concession after concession has left the government with no negotiating power with Brussels, and is now swamped not only by the House of Lords, but by traitorous Remainer MPs on the Soros payroll.

These greedy treacherous swine Haw Haw Remainers, who are willing to betray Britain for a few quid are vile miserable creatures only fit for the stocks, to be displayed to all and sundry as rotten tomatoes and excrement are thrown at their ugly putrid faces.

The devil’s daughter has thus spawned another batch of slimy eggs from her overworked puckered anus, as she delivers another Remainer plot to derail Brexit with a disgusting squishy popping sound. Soubry, a militant treasonous satanic witch deserves only one thing, to be punted full force in her grime box.

Maybe it is time to punish the useless Conservatives once and for all. No one dared to oust the pigeon liver’d lying coward with no backbone May, even though she has shown countless times to be a retrograde abhorrent Remainer not worthy of a squirt of piss from a pig’s straining bladder.

Punish them – Vote Corbyn

Vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Never vote for the Tories again. Yes, this would be the ultimate punishment not only for those who messed up a clear and easy opportunity to leave the EU once and for all but for the country which will fall into deep economical malaise once Agent Cobb begins his Bolshevik revolution.

To coin a Burke cliche, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ Certainly, this has been the case. Where was Boris? He jibber jabbered but did nothing apart from tout useless bridge projects across the Irish sea. Same goes for the Reese-Mogg, IDS and Farage, and Gove, and Davis. They were all talk but no substance, they blabbered like little old ladies around a knitting circle but did fuck all. You Sirs, with the utmost disrespect have been useless, because Theresa May is still PM, and she has fudged the whole Brexit debacle into a maelstrom of unworkable manure, a quagmire of intersecting Remainer plots all culminating at the Remainer Treasury held by that glib fustilarian miserable wart, Hammond.

Let us all now vote for Jeremy Corbyn, the ultimate insult to the nation, and deserved punishment that will destroy Britain forever. Let the riots begin, from town to town, rubbish stacked high in the streets, discontent, looting and anarchy.

This is no Brexit Theresa May is setting up, in fact, Britain will be worse off, and still tied to the EU for eternity. Do not dare to even call it a Brexit, it is a Brino — Brexit in Name Only.

Parliament is dead, it died a long time ago.