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Millions Starving North Koreans Could be Fed on Kim Jong-un Corpse

PYONGYANG - N.Korea - With the death of the former leader, Kim Jong-un, the starving people of this communist country are set to feast on some roasted meat for a change.

America Great Again: Trump Achieves More in a Year Than Obama...

CAPELLA - Singapore - President Donald J. Trump has achieved more in a year of office than eight years of Obama.

Analysts: What is Going to Be Kim Jong-Un’s Next Move?

VIRGINIA - USA - Former analysts who worked for a clandestine agency reveal some of the scenarios of an escalation in tensions with the N. Korean communist state.

North Korean New Year Fireworks Celebration Goes Well

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - This year's new year fireworks extravaganza has wowed not only the capital but the rest of the world.

How Kim and His Little EMP Toy Could Take USA to...

PYONGYANG - N.Korea - North Korean leader, Kim jong-Un likes to play with his little toys, playthings like hydrogen bombs, nuclear ballistic missiles, and EMP blasts high above the atmosphere over North America.

Kim Jong-un ‘No Longer Seen as God’ By North Koreans

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - Despotic communist leader, Kim Jong-un is no longer worshipped in North Korea by his people.

How North Korean Cuisine Has Evolved Over the Years

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - Today in the capital city, one can order up pizza, and all manner of Western delights if you have the correct access, however it was not always like that.

Experts: North Korea Attack is Not WW3

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - A military skirmish with North Korea should not be labelled as WW3.

North Korean Air Force Readies Itself For Trump Showdown

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - The North Korean air force was on standby today as a U.S. battleship made its way towards the communist country.

Kim Jong-un Orders Assassination of North Korean Despotic Leader

PYONGYANG – N. Korea – Communist supreme leader, Kim Jong-un has said that he wants to execute North Korea’s leader for indiscretions and unjust executions.

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