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How Kim and His Little EMP Toy Could Take USA to 19th Century

PYONGYANG - N.Korea - North Korean leader, Kim jong-Un likes to play with his little toys, playthings like hydrogen bombs, nuclear ballistic missiles, and EMP blasts high above the atmosphere over North America

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“Electromagnetic pulses destroy electronics because they induce a very strong current in the electronic circuitry, causing different parts of the electronics to couple, short-circuiting them or even inducing such a large current that the circuits themselves melt or fuse together, rendering the electronics unusable.

“Turning off electronics will not protect them because the EMP is the source of energy that induces current in the circuits. The only way to protect them would be to place them in a Faraday Cage,” an informed member of the public revealed on Monday.

So, unless you put all your electronic devices, computers, phones etc into a Faraday cage prior to an EMP attack, you’re screwed. It is certain that there will not be any warning prior to a surprise EMP attack.

The same goes for any vehicle past the date of 1986, the solenoids and electronics will get fried in an EMP attack. The best option is to own a 4-wheel drive Jeep pre-1986 because you will be going through rugged terrain away from the starving armed hordes on foot. One of the best road vehicles you can own after an EMP blast is a Harley Davidson MT350E motorcycle, with military spec wiring that will shield it from EMP.

Harley Davidson MT350 Motor bike
Harley Davidson MT350 Motor bike

As for the effects of an EMP blast, on any nation, let alone the USA, the effects are devastating.

No electricity grid, no water, and no communications. There will be no Facebook, Twitter or Google, as all their data centres would be fried. All cell networks would also be fried, and any call to an emergency service will go unanswered.

All paper money will become worthless in a single day, and the only thing of value will be food, water, weapons, shelter, transport and gold.

Amish horse drawn cart

“Within 24 hours of an EMP blast by North Korea directly over the centre of the country, most of America (excluding some parts of the Eastern, Western coasts) would be catapulted back into the early 19th century (pre-1820). All Americans would effectively become the Amish albeit with heavy weaponry. If you don’t have candles, you’re shit out of luck. If you don’t have an immediate year’s supply of food and water, you’ll be shit out of luck too. All supermarkets would have been emptied within the first few hours of an EMP attack, once that’s all gone, there will never be any re-deliveries, that’s it. As for the military, they will stay where they are, as they have no cause to endanger themselves. The military will have prepared and their electronics will be intact, but civilians will be out of luck. The only thing left to do for the remaining government will be to wait until the majority of the population either kill themselves off or die of starvation within 18 months,” an ex-military commander outlined.


Living in a metro area in the United States today may be convenient, but after an EMP attack, the cities will be killing zones. That’s why you have to get the fuck out of dodge as soon as there is an attack. Hopefully you will own a suitable vehicle that is not susceptible to EMP blasts. Always have a bag ready (bug out bag) for such emergencies, stockpiled with all the necessary survival materials.

All supermarkets will have empty shelves within 24 hours of an EMP strike

Once out of the city, you will head for your designated safe house, which you will have prepared earlier. If that does not exist, you will be best served heading towards Canada, past the border “slash” extending from Maine to Alaska, and the forests there where you will have to build a suitable shelter for you and your family. Do not head towards Mexico, or you will die.

There are even further dangers present after an EMP attack, and that is a full invasion from a foreign force. We could be talking about anything from the Russians to the North Koreans committing a full ground invasion on a country that has been crippled by an EMP attack.

As a survivor, you will have to make provisions for this, and retreat to an area where there is little or no human population or military bases.

The USA, as a nation, which uses up 60% of the earth’s resources, would be reduced to using zero in a single day. This may be the only positive factor about an attack on America utilising EMP. However, the vacuum created by the loss of the US, and its vast economy will be devastating to the rest of the world’s economy.

Once again, the lands which had been taken from the Native Americans will be returned to them, and the tribes will roam the same open prairies their ancestors roamed.

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