FBI Labels Antifa as Domestic Terrorists

CHARLOTTESVILLE - USA - Ant-fascist group, Antifa, have been labelled by the FBI as 'domestic terrorists' according to confidential records.

Confidential records reveal that the heavily George Soros funded group Antifa have been labelled as “domestic terrorists’ by the FBI and Homeland Security.

After a spate of extreme violence over the past few months in the United States, the spotlight is not only on the right wing fascists, but the extreme left wing fascists as well.

The recent Charlottesville debacle showed the extreme levels of violence the Antifa group were prepared to go to to put forward their message, however, it seems the message they were trying to put forward has been lost in translation.

“Antifa is meant to mean Anti-fascist, however, the group is acting like a violent fascist group, and in effect, they should be fighting themselves. They are also meant to stand for anti-racism, but this element is never addressed in their violent ridden rallies. I would go far as to say the group does not care one iota for minority groups, and is committing acts of extreme violence as a statement of anarchy more than anything else,” Miles Kudro, an independent observer of the various groups revealed, Thursday.