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Celebration of Migration: World’s 25 Most Successful 1st and 2nd Generation Migrants Revealed

NEW YORK - USA - Without some form of controlled migration, many countries in the West would miss out.

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A new study by easyESTA has revealed 25 of the most pioneering first and second generation migrants.

This interactive celebration of migration explores the heritage and careers of migrants from
arts and literature, entertainment, politics, sports and science and technology. ​

Celebrating diversity, the piece discusses influential men and women from different
nationalities, and breaks down their (often surprising) family migration history.

Commissioned by easyESTA, ‘25 of the most successful and influential migrants of all
time…’ highlights the impact of migration on the world’s cultures and industries.​

Whether performing sensational escape acts or starring in critically acclaimed films,
migration has heavily impacted upon the lives of actresses, musicians, illusionists and game developers.

Controlled Migration is Good For Nations

You may know Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan but did you know that she was
born in Jerusalem? Alongside Portman is the Kenyan-Mexican Lupita Nyong’o and Zanzibari
Freddie Mercury, the Queen frontman. Henry Kissinger, the most famous living statesman today was born in Germany and eventually emigrated to the United States fleeing the Nazi regime in 1938.

Diversity Through Controlled Migration

easyESTA’s unique look of how history and heritage intertwine among remarkable migrants
is ultimately a celebration of migration when the topic is seldom out of the headlines.​

A spokesperson from easyESTA said:​

“Culture is incredibly important to us at easyESTA, we commissioned this study to better
understand the significance of migration and how migration has positively impacted on
different industries. ​

“The research surprised us with how diverse people really are. We gained insight into the
migrants’ physical and metaphorical journeys. By understanding the cultures that have
influenced the migrants’ lives, a new meaning has been added to their legacies.”​

View the incredible chart here

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