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How Kim and His Little EMP Toy Could Take USA to...

PYONGYANG - N.Korea - North Korean leader, Kim jong-Un likes to play with his little toys, playthings like hydrogen bombs, nuclear ballistic missiles, and EMP blasts high above the atmosphere over North America.

Revealed: Kim Jong-un’s Cure for Aids, Ebola and Cancer With Single...

PYONYANG - N. Korea - The secretive dictatorship headed by fearless and fat Kim Jong-un and his extraordinary claims of curing major diseases has come under scrutiny in the West, the secret recipe is finally revealed.

North Korea Steals Daily Squib Domain Name

LONDON - England - You've got to hand it to those pesky North Koreans, they have now acquired one of our domain names and we have no chance of ever getting it back.

Dennis Rodman Fed to Hungry Dogs on Recent Trip to N....

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - Ex-basketball player and former friend of Kim Jong-Un was killed by a pack of hungry dogs after arriving in the North Korean country last week.

Everybody’s Test Firing Missiles These Days

TEHRAN - Iran - First it was North Korea and now the Iranians are test firing their missiles. Is this a growing trend in test firing missiles?

Jesus to Land in North Korea on Wednesday

TEXAS - USA - Prominent Pastor, Julius Oswald, for the Holy Texas Episcopalypse Baptist church has predicted that Jesus will land on earth soon and he has even pinpointed the exact location of his re-entry onto our planet.

Kim Jong Un to Attend Thatcher Funeral

LONDON - England - North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is set to attend the lavish state funeral of the former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, Number10 Downing Street has announced.

Think Tank: North Korean Crisis Utilised for Next Economic Crash

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The N. Korean nuclear crisis will possibly be used as a smokescreen to release the reins from the economy so that it can be allowed to crash.

Taylor Swift Now Dating Kim Jong Un

PYONYANG - N. Korea - American singer Taylor Swift is now officially dating the North Korean dictator her record company has revealed to MTV.

Kim Jong Un Successfully Graduates From Dictator School

PYONYANG - N. Korea - A jubilant Kim Jong Un has successfully passed the many tests required to graduate from North Korea's Dictator School officials have announced.

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