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Dennis Rodman Fed to Hungry Dogs on Recent Trip to N. Korea

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - Ex-basketball player and former friend of Kim Jong-Un was killed by a pack of hungry dogs after arriving in the North Korean country last week.


According to reports from North Korea’s state news network Dennis Rodman offended Kim Jong-Un by winning an impromptu game of basketball during the visit.

The mad Korean despot was unrepentant about his actions on his former friend.

Gruesome Combo Guard

“That scum seven foot oaf should have missed a few shots if he wanted to live. I had my hook shot ready on the free-throw-line, when he made a fast break came in on the base line and utilised an amoeba defence technique using the Grinnell system on my fat North Korean ass. Next thing I know he slam dunked that thing like it was my old has-been uncle’s decapitated head in a dog pit.”

The U.S. State Department was notified of the killing of Rodman yesterday and are currently trying to get further details before dispatching a doggy bag to North Korea for Rodman’s grizzly remains if there is anything left.

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