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British Trayvon Mark Duggan Lawfully Shot by Police

LONDON - England - A jury at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday ruled that Mark Duggan was lawfully shot to death by the police and his gun was found near his body.

Luckily it’s not summer or the Untermenschen would be out on the streets by now. The timing of the trial was crucial because it is cold and wet in the winter limiting the mobility of any prospective trouble.

In August 2011 Mark Duggan’s lawful killing sparked three days of riots all across London.

“The weather is on our side. The subs (thugs) are too busy playing their consoles to be bothered with this lawful verdict and it’s freezing. They only go out on money day during the winter months but the summer is when they all come out to play,” a bystander at the hearing told the BBC after the verdict was declared.

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  1. I get satire and all of that, but to evoke the image of a 17 year old who was stalked and murdered by an adult man into your story is despicable. Mark Duggan is not the British Trayvon Martin. And the linking of these 2 men deaths is nowhere near funny. Only a white person would find humor in the death of a 17 year old year child who was unarmed and minding his business the night of February 26, 2012. Only a white person would believe any testimony coming from George Zimmerman on the fabricated lie of Trayvon leaping from the bushes and attacking him like a savage animal only to succumb to a bullet womb and his dying words being, “You got me homie.” The only Untermenschen is yourself for devaluing the life of any human being. We can always count on the subs to write so-called satire in attempt to be funny or clever while making a nonexistent point. This is the only way the subs know how to make funny.

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