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British Trayvon Mark Duggan Lawfully Shot by Police

LONDON - England - A jury at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday ruled that Mark Duggan was lawfully shot to death by the police and his gun was found near his body.

Life is Cheap When You’re an African American

FLORIDA - USA - If Barack Hussein Obama had not been borne of Anna Dunham, whose father Stanley Armour Dunham was related to six U.S. presidents: James Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, then where would he be now?

Zimmerman Walks America Talks

FLORIDA - USA - Today a free man, who should never been put on trial, walked out of court a vindicated man. George Zimmerman is a symbol for America that violence is not the answer and residents should not have to live in perpetual terror in their homes.

Law Experts: “Why U.S. Justice System Should Not Be Held Ransom...

FLORIDA - USA - The Trayvon Martin case has seen multiple threats of violence by African Americans on Twitter, but should the American justice system kowtow to these riot threats?

Obama Admin Tells Zimmerman Judge to do the Right Thing

FLORIDA - USA - The law works in mysterious ways in America. One minute it is being upheld and running by the book, then suddenly the Obama admin tells the judge to go their way or else.

Experts: “What the Trayvon Zimmerman Trial Really Means”

FLORIDA - USA - Anyone who reads social network comments knows what many blacks in America plan to do when George Zimmerman is acquitted, however there are other underlying reasons to black American discontent.

For Zimmerman Freedom and Justice Calls

FLORIDA - USA - Sometimes when there is justice, there is perceived injustice. This will surely be the case when George Zimmerman is acquitted for defending himself from attack.

Trayvon Zimmerman: American Justice Resolved By Public Pressure

SANFORD - USA - Serious riots were averted yesterday by public prosecutors in the Trayvon Zimmerman case when they decided to prosecute the neigbourhood watchman with second-degree murder.

Trayvon Martin African American Jesus

FLORIDA - USA - African Americans needed a face, something to rouse them from their slumber, something to pick them up and wake them from their sleep, well, Trayvon Martin is that face.

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