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Experts: “What the Trayvon Zimmerman Trial Really Means”

FLORIDA - USA - Anyone who reads social network comments knows what many blacks in America plan to do when George Zimmerman is acquitted, however there are other underlying reasons to black American discontent.

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“Blacks will not riot because of Trayvon Martin, but will riot because Hispanics have superseded them in many facets of American society and business. Some Hispanics like the half German, Zimmerman, are considered white. In the rolling social strata within America’s societal hierarchy, the Hispanics have proved to be hard working and resilient, they will supersede the place of African Americans, who have unfortunately not proved to their white rulers that they can cut it. Even with Affirmative Action, African Americans are still floundering and swimming in deep ineptitude, lacklustre education, heavy unfettered breeding, and perceived low morals. Amongst the liquor stores, prisons, and ghettos where the African American discontent festers there is real anger that they have not risen up socially and economically despite the breaks they are constantly given,” Dr. Julia Halstead, for the Institute of Social Analysis told CBS news.

The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman case is much more than a trial of a security guard who defended himself from a young angry doped up man. It defines the next step in American society and how blacks have been left behind in the mire by their own doing.

“You can’t blame anyone else. They want the trainers, they want the guns, they want the crib, they want the bling, but the Korean kid is working hard to get better grades, the Hispanics work hard for their businesses and service trades. Black culture is now confined to the music industry, but that’s about as far as it goes. The music industry itself has suffered greatly with the advent of the internet and this has left less money to be distributed to the African Americans. All music can now be downloaded free now, so this has destabilised the whole industry,” another social researcher revealed.

We are now seeing the birth of Zimmevon, Obama’s son

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