Zimmerman Walks America Talks

FLORIDA - USA - Today a free man, who should never been put on trial, walked out of court a vindicated man. George Zimmerman is a symbol for America that violence is not the answer and residents should not have to live in perpetual terror in their homes.

“Looks like the disgraceful dirty tricks by the prosecution did not work this time and justice has prevailed,” a court side observor revealed after the all female jury came to their decision to free Zimmerman.

The Daily Squib accurately predicted the court decision on July 3rd.

Florida police spokesman Ron Gonzalez said: “The uncivilised threats of violence by many on social network sites are just that, empty threats. Thanks to Twitter we know who you are now and if you were foolish enough to post on that site you should know that these are surveillance sites which are used to map out trouble spots utilising special software programs. Social surveillance sites are a very useful tool in law enforcement.”

All is well again, justice has been done.