Man Talks to His Family For Whole Hour

LONDON - England - Family man, Neil McCormack, 38, was able to put down his mobile phone, laptop, 3D TV, iPad, iPod , games console and wrist band life organiser for more than an hour today to have a small conversation with his own family.

“If it wasn’t for the power outtage I wouldn’t have talked to my family for more than an hour. To say it wasn’t the longest hour of my life would however be lying,” Mr McCormack told the Daily Mirror.

The momentous event was relayed across the media and even Boris Johnson, the London Mayor said he was astonished at the news.

“An amazing feat, this man should be given a medal for breaking away from the gadgets for a whole hour let alone for finding the courage to speak to his family face to face for that time.”

The man’s kids were said to actually be very relieved when the hour was up and everyone got back to their gadgets and all was happy again in the household.