For Zimmerman Freedom and Justice Calls

FLORIDA - USA - Sometimes when there is justice, there is perceived injustice. This will surely be the case when George Zimmerman is acquitted for defending himself from attack.

“You can’t have affirmative action in a court case. Just because someone is a particular colour or there are threats of riots if certain sections don’t get their own way. Justice is justice, and George Zimmerman will soon be a free man,” someone outside the court said when standing on a soap box. He was summarily pelted with rotten tomatoes by the black crowd, but what he said was invariably the truth.

The evidence all too clearly points towards a lawful defence by George Zimmerman from attacker Trayvon Martin.

This may be a small victory for all those ‘creepy ass crackers’ out there but for America it is symptomatic of a deeply sick society blighted by a fathomless pit of seething racial hatred.

“The prosecution’s star witness seemed to be working for the defence in this case. As for the all white jury, I’m sure they will get some stick for their decision but they should hold their heads high for they have done nothing wrong apart from free a man who has done nothing wrong,” another court side spectator said.