Think Tank: EU Citizens Caught in Soviet Fascist Headlights

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Just as the deer is caught in the headlights of a truck before it is hit, so are the citizens of the EU, who are lost and do not know where to go any more.

The EU is an insidious machine that creeps up on you, one minute you existed as a citizen of an individual country, the next minute you realised you had been tricked into a multi-nation bloc that assimilates as much as it can and dictates insidious laws that you must obey without question.

“A deer caught in the headlights, is a good analogy to describe the EU citizen today. They now have little or no say in their destiny. Politically, they are being ruled by unelected technocrats. Many are now unemployed or living in poverty because of the immense changes and forced austerity (wealth redistribution) drives. The EU citizens have seen their wealth disappear down the plug hole as well as many of their freedoms. Nations that used to write their own laws have now been bulldozed by Brussels. Nations that used to dictate their own economic policies have seen these castrated by Brussels and the ordinary citizens jettisoned into the gas chambers of old Europe,” Miro Katt, a researcher on the EU Com Research think tank said in a recent report.

The EU also has an amorphous plasticine pliability with regards to political systems; it utilises soviet techniques with elements of fascism, socialism and capitalism. With political ideologies that are inherently opposite to each other, there is an element of duality to the EU. It is however predominantly Christian, although the religion part is merely for the masses, the technocrats controlling the EU juggernaut are most certainly of another persuasion.

“Europe has always used the Christian element as its core, especially for the plebeians. The elites of course use the ruse of Christianity but are members of secret societies. Makes it sound a bit cultish, however if one looks at the Nazis, they were obsessed by the occult and secret societies. Deep down, the EU is the embodiment of the thousand year Reich, with a seemingly less militaristic face. When eventually the EU brings forth a specific EU military force or army, then it may reveal its true colours, however at the moment it is still defining itself economically and destroying individual nation states so they can join the collective. World War 2 was the building block,” the researcher revealed.