Trayvon Martin African American Jesus

FLORIDA - USA - African Americans needed a face, something to rouse them from their slumber, something to pick them up and wake them from their sleep, well, Trayvon Martin is that face.

For too long now, these children of slavery, who were whipped in the cotton fields, beaten to death in the swamps, thrown overboard in their chains, were asleep, they were in a state of dislocation, of hypnosis, that is until they were awoken from their stupor by Trayvon Martin.

“Brothers and sisters, we are guilty as much as the white man of keeping our race down. We need to realise what we have done, and we need to look into our hearts and souls as African Americans. Are you with me? Do you understand how black people will never be accepted truly as equals in America? Look around you right now, and you will see what we have, it is us and them. Not us as one. This ain’t no equality bullshit. This ain’t no motherfuckin’ employment quota. That ain’t equality. They built America to be a great empire with our slave blood, sweat and tears and we were never paid. People need to understand that we were played and now it’s time to drink a cup of coffee and wake up,” Reverend D.L. Johnsons, told his congregation at the White Pines Baptist Church in Tennessee on Thursday.

 “Trayvon Martin is America’s Black Jesus, he didn’t die on a cross poked with spears by Roman soldiers, he died in an exclusively white populated gated community at the hands of a Hispanic guarding the whites who lived in their safe McMansions. There was no safety for Trayvon though. That young man was shot like a dog is shot.

“What did Trayvon die for? His life was proved to be worthless in America’s fractured racially divided society, where a black boy is shot and there is no perceived need to arrest the shooter or even look into the incident.

“This is the message given to the world. An African American’s life is worthless next to that of a white person. Don’t matter how much money you earn in America, you’re still a nigger. That’s the truth,” the Reverend shouted from his pulpit.