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Trayvon Martin African American Jesus

FLORIDA - USA - African Americans needed a face, something to rouse them from their slumber, something to pick them up and wake them from their sleep, well, Trayvon Martin is that face.

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For too long now, these children of slavery, who were whipped in the cotton fields, beaten to death in the swamps, thrown overboard in their chains, were asleep, they were in a state of dislocation, of hypnosis, that is until they were awoken from their stupor by Trayvon Martin.

“Brothers and sisters, we are guilty as much as the white man of keeping our race down. We need to realise what we have done, and we need to look into our hearts and souls as African Americans. Are you with me? Do you understand how black people will never be accepted truly as equals in America? Look around you right now, and you will see what we have, it is us and them. Not us as one. This ain’t no equality bullshit. This ain’t no motherfuckin’ employment quota. That ain’t equality. They built America to be a great empire with our slave blood, sweat and tears and we were never paid. People need to understand that we were played and now it’s time to drink a cup of coffee and wake up,” Reverend D.L. Johnsons, told his congregation at the White Pines Baptist Church in Tennessee on Thursday.

 “Trayvon Martin is America’s Black Jesus, he didn’t die on a cross poked with spears by Roman soldiers, he died in an exclusively white populated gated community at the hands of a Hispanic guarding the whites who lived in their safe McMansions. There was no safety for Trayvon though. That young man was shot like a dog is shot.

“What did Trayvon die for? His life was proved to be worthless in America’s fractured racially divided society, where a black boy is shot and there is no perceived need to arrest the shooter or even look into the incident.

“This is the message given to the world. An African American’s life is worthless next to that of a white person. Don’t matter how much money you earn in America, you’re still a nigger. That’s the truth,” the Reverend shouted from his pulpit.

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  1. This is being blown way out of proportion for what it is. I think not only are the feds staging it, they are lovingly creating a race-war! Why? Because when communities begin to burn and there is record violence it's an excuse to crack down on the public and take away more of our rights. In that sense, forget race altogether when it's a trap. Also, tell me why it is when a anyone else of a different race gets beat up, mugged or killed it's never mentioned, but in the case of Trayvon Martin, the main stream media hypes it to get the African American community going on a personal vendetta.

    Tell me why the federal government is trying to pass laws against hate speech and bullying when it comes to "patriots" who stand up for our civil rights, and call them racist, delete videos off of YouTube that expose legitimate corruption, but then allow material such as this to remain and be tolerated when it is calling for violence:


    Do you suppose it's staged? Must we even question what is so blatantly obvious?

    As a past victim a robbery and had guns placed to my head when I was just standing outside a friends having a smoke, the way I see it, regardless of your racial views, Hernandez had every right to defend himself. You cannot rely on law enforcement to help you, and this is why we have a 2nd amendment. In my case, I was lucky, thanks to god. However, the psychological damage that the experience will do to someone will make them reluctant to view the opposite race as trustworthy, especially when they are dressed like a hood-rat.

    I got called to jury service some time afterward for a case that was to be for a homicide committed by two black men (towards another black man) and I flat out told the judge I couldn't serve on the jury as I felt my judgement would have been biased due to what happened to me. Needless to say, It has taken years to get it out of my head that it was just one experience, but it did forever change my views. Had I owned a gun at the time and had it with me, I can't say how I would have reacted knowing my own life was in danger at the time. I also lived in Florida and unfortunately the guys were black and so you wonder how or why this image is painted. They eventually were caught by law enforcement, but let go and never charged. This is the way law enforcement works folks. Regardless of what happened to me years ago, the point is I never called for vengeance or a race war. So this whole thing with the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Hernandez has been blown out of proportion when it's so clear all he was doing was exercising his right to self-defense.

    Now, can we move on to issues that are really important with this country right now instead of being led astray by ridiculous distractions?

  2. Blacks in America had their chance. They BLEW IT! Now stop blaming "whitey". Deal with your failure and MOVE ON. I hate black people who thing they got everything owed to them, I only like the ones who work for their goodies and live their lives without all the BS. Trayvon was a thug and he deserved what he got! DEAL WITH IT!!!

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