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Burns Woman: "Ministers Told Me to Pour Petrol in My Kitchen"

GRIMLY - England - A woman who sustained 40% burns all over her body after pouring petrol in her kitchen while her stove was on, says that she would never have done it if Coalition government ministers had not told her to do it.

“I sustained 40% burns all over my body because I was told to stockpile petrol during the non-fuel strikes,” Jenny Thurdegree, told the Daily Mail.

The woman decided to pour petrol from one jerry can into another and did this while she was cooking a stew for her family in the kitchen.

“I was just pouring the petrol into the can when the fumes were set alight by the naked flame on the stove, naturally my clothes and hair caught fire and I sustained third degree burns all over my body. I blame the government for this,” Mrs Thurdegree said from her hospital bed.

An inquest will be held on Monday into how this terrible tragedy could have ever happened.

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