Law Experts: “Why U.S. Justice System Should Not Be Held Ransom By Riot Threats”

FLORIDA - USA - The Trayvon Martin case has seen multiple threats of violence by African Americans on Twitter, but should the American justice system kowtow to these riot threats?

“In essence, this is blackmail. Either the courts adhere to the decision of the baying mobs and current administration or all hell may break loose. By watching the actions of the lifelong democrat judge presiding in the Zimmerman case one can clearly see from her actions that she is supposedly guiding the jury and rooting for the prosecution of an innocent man, George Zimmerman. No doubt, the judge has also fielded threatening calls from Obama and his Attorney General, two bully boys who have to have their own way at all costs. As for Friday’s closing arguments, whilst the defence were only allowed one, which they completed in a factual and logical manner, the prosecution were allowed two closing arguments, mainly composed of emotionally charged non factual rhetoric.  This is not justice, this is how things are done in lawless countries and banana republics,” professor Jerry Brower, a law expert for top Miami law institute Mather & Kelly said on Friday.

One only has to do a search on Twitter to see the double standards of American society with regards to blacks under the regime of Obama.

“If George Zimmerman is jailed for the next thirty years because the courts wanted to please African Americans, I am certain the whites would not riot. They just do not do that. Did the whites riot when OJ Simpson was acquitted for the murder of Nicole Simpson? That’s a firm, no!” professor Brower added.