New Study: “Being Ignorant Really is Bliss”

LONDON - England - A new study commissioned by the British government has concluded what many have known all along, that ignorance truly is bliss.

“If you see things that most of the population cannot see, then that can be troublesome. Your knowledge and expanded world view can therefore impact on your happiness levels,” Edward Hurley, a Whitehall policy researcher revealed to the BBC today.

The government therefore prefers an ignorant public who are not troubled by intelligent discourse, an expanded world view or thoughts about the efficacy of things like religion and team sports.

“You might not wave the national or team flag if you knew how supporting sports teams is a form of diluting your tribal instincts and indoctrinating you from a young age to be nationalistic/area specific drones. Some women might not wear bright red lipstick if they knew it was a way to advertise their pouting fertile vaginas, and people might not decorate their Christmas trees any more if they knew the Christmas tree is pagan symbolism for the celebration of the erect fertile phallus,” another policy maker revealed.

The study says that happiness is best achieved by less deep thought. Intelligent analysis only brings unhappiness because one sees how society really is and how governments and generationally controlled traditions all over the world brainwash their citizens.