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Obama Admin Tells Zimmerman Judge to do the Right Thing

FLORIDA - USA - The law works in mysterious ways in America. One minute it is being upheld and running by the book, then suddenly the Obama admin tells the judge to go their way or else.

“There’s a lot of pressure for the judge on the Trayvon case. She was upholding the rule of law and then she suddenly starts acting funny and coming down on Zimmerman like a tonne of bricks. Everyone has noticed the sudden change, especially when all the evidence clearly shows Zimmerman’s innocence. The Obama admin must have some of those emails swimming around, say no more,” a court side reporter said before being whisked away in an unmarked vehicle by men in grey suits.

What’s the point in a court system in a country where the outcome of a trial can be altered by pressure from the administration?

“George Zimmerman is now facing a thirty year jail sentence for manslaughter for defending himself. If that is not complicity and corruption in a system that is meant to uphold the rule of law, I don’t know what is?,” a woman said before some people whispered in her ear and she suddenly started shouting about how guilty Zimmerman is.

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