Twitter Twit Tweeted Tweety Tweet

LOS ANGELES - USA - There was outrage on social media site Twitter yesterday when a tweeter tweeted some really outrageous tweets and never even did a retweet.

“Obviously whoever tweeted that tweet is a twitter twit and needs to go to tweet hell,” Aspargo Mulan, a voracious tweeter who sometimes tweets 45 tweets a minute tweeted.

Some tweeters have their tweets linked up to medical devices that tweet their every heart beat and tweet about their daily bodily functions on a second to second tweet basis.

It’s called twitter tweet twitting to many and as the tweets come through every second of the day, you are assured that many more tweets will follow.

Seasoned tweeter Armando Benscombe, 21, revealed his tweet secrets to his 430,000 twitter followers 2 seconds ago: “I tweet on twitter like a twit twitter, get me some lemon, get me some cheese, I’ll be tweeting even if you say no please, twit, twit, twitter twit, get me some twitter tweeting twit twits. Hmm I got the munchies, gotta go twitpic my breakfast, see y’all in a twitter millisecond.”