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Revealed: Kim Jong-un’s Cure for Aids, Ebola and Cancer With Single Mystery Wonder-drug

PYONYANG - N. Korea - The secretive dictatorship headed by fearless and fat Kim Jong-un and his extraordinary claims of curing major diseases has come under scrutiny in the West, the secret recipe is finally revealed.

Sources have been gathering information on the hermit state and its claims a miracle breakthrough can rid people of Sars and MERS as well as Aids, Ebola and cancer.

Korean Central News Agency insists the drug can ‘prevent different malignant epidemics’.

The new drug Kumdung-4 is purportedly a one-fix-all drug that can cure pretty much anything.

The vaccine, however, has been revealed to not be ingested or injected into the disease victim but is instead delivered in a bullet from a gun.

“Our man in Pyonyang witnessed the new drug in use the other day. A man had some incurable disease, so the doc said he would give him an immediate cure. He took out a gun and shot him,” an observer revealed.

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