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Ebola Spreads Again – Africans Love Their Bushmeat

KINSHASA - Congo - One would have thought that things may have changed since the last outbreak of Ebola, but sadly they have not.

Revealed: Kim Jong-un’s Cure for Aids, Ebola and Cancer With Single...

PYONYANG - N. Korea - The secretive dictatorship headed by fearless and fat Kim Jong-un and his extraordinary claims of curing major diseases has come under scrutiny in the West, the secret recipe is finally revealed.

Ebola in Britain Could Be Like Black Death

LONDON - England - The government's complacency and apathy towards the spread of Ebola in Britain is no surprise to many, and could easily develop into plague like proportions.

Healthcare: Why Silencing Ebola Spread is Not Dangerous

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Is Ebola still around? If you read the newspapers, you wouldn't know it ever existed.

Have You Been Bitten by an Ebola Mosquito?

FLORIDA - USA - Swarms of Ebola laden mosquitoes could be on the loose in your neighbourhood, if you live in warm climes, so better get the mosquito net out then.

New Film: ‘Planes, Trains and Ebola’ Box Office Hit

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has had a dry spell as of late but the latest release coming up for Christmas of a famous remake called 'Planes, Trains and Ebola' will make the festivities really complete.

Obama to Meet and Greet Every Ebola Flight From West Africa

NEW YORK - USA - President Obama has told of his wish to dispel the inconsistencies in the reporting of the current Ebola pandemic in Africa, as well as allaying any fears that his policy of keeping flights coming into the United States is in any way endangering Americans.

George Soros: “Nah, I didn’t See This Happening”

LONDON - England - As the markets are beginning to slowly reflect what is really happening in the global economy, at least George Soros is doing well.

Why North Korea is Probably the Safest Place on Earth Right...

PYONYANG - N.Korea - Thousands of people in the west are now thinking of migrating to North Korea, as it is a closed off haven away from possible Ebola infection and open borders.

Al Gore: “Climate Change is Term Used For Population Control”

MONTECITO - USA - The Daily Squib's climate change reporter has gained exclusive access to one of Al Gore's four properties, a $15 million sprawling estate in the hills of California.

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