Have You Been Bitten by an Ebola Mosquito?

FLORIDA - USA - Swarms of Ebola laden mosquitoes could be on the loose in your neighbourhood, if you live in warm climes, so better get the mosquito net out then.


Imagine being bitten by an Ebola mosquito whilst you’re in deep sleep, you may not even hear that annoying whining sound or even feel it. Wake up in the morning have your brekkie and out the door to work, next day you’ve got fucking Ebola.

“It’s the trials of our times innit, you can get Ebola from mosquitoes because the virus is transmitted through blood and various other bodily fluids. At least vampires aren’t real, imagine having a vampire sucking your blood and transmitting Ebola into your bloodstream from a previous victim, that shit mingles. Leeches as well, no I’m not talking about the wife, talking about those little black things that stick on you and suck your blood, they’re nasty because they release an anaesthetic so you don’t even know they’re there. If you live in a country up in the northern hemisphere you should be relatively okay, but I do feel for those poor sods in hot countries,” a man in some pub said whilst drunk out of his head.