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Ebola in Britain Could Be Like Black Death

LONDON - England - The government's complacency and apathy towards the spread of Ebola in Britain is no surprise to many, and could easily develop into plague like proportions.

Thanks to flights from infected African nations delivering thousands of people to Britain daily, Ebola, the highly infectious disease could be Britain’s return to the Black Death.

“Open borders, useless airport screening, and a buckling NHS are naturally good breeding grounds for any virus to flourish, especially one of the most virulent killers man has ever known, Ebola. Don’t forget that Ebola doesn’t show itself for 25 days after infection, and during that time it can be transmitted through bodily fluids. Sneeze in the underground, on the bus, touch a supermarket credit card reader pad, touch a fucking library book, ah the list goes on and on. How about nightclubs? How’s about some gal gets picked up by someone who just got off a plane from Sierra Leone or other African destination, goes back home, he does the business, now she’s got Ebola. She doesn’t know that, nah, then she gets a visit from her boyfriend, he sleeps with her, now he’s got Ebola. Those nightclubs and bars do get sweaty don’t they, well Ebola sweat isn’t like normal sweat is it? You get Ebola sweat on you, it goes in the pores and all,” a taxi driver told his passenger somewhere in East London on the way to a club on Saturday night.

The Black Death from 1348-1349 killed half the population of Britain.

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