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Experts: When Sex Slaves Go Wrong

NEW YORK - USA - Sex slaves amongst the powerful rich are not meant to go wrong, and when they do, it creates a mighty mess.


Take Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the first female president of the United States in 2016, well, she does have a small problem, her husband Bill Clinton, the guy with twenty phone numbers and a penchant for young ladies on the end of his dong.

What about the upstanding former prime minister of Britain, a whistle clean respected individual who started an Iraq war killing millions of people, brought the UK to its knees economically and ruined a media mogul’s marriage by allegedly shagging his wife?

Don’t forget the British royal family who have had their expensive PR campaigns over the years ruined in one night by candid reports and allegations regarding Prince Andrew.

Niles Gardiner, a prominent researcher at the Institute of Elite Resource Management had this to say in a recent analysis of the whole sordid situation.

“It is quite simple, if a member of the political hierarchy or any other person of power is ever caught, it is not the fault of the sex slaves who blabbed, it is the fault of the person who got caught. Somewhere along the line they did the wrong thing, said the wrong thing to someone higher than them. That’s why you get a little blood letting once in awhile of establishment figures. Epstein was an obvious set up. These occasions also sate some of the bloodlust of the masses, and gives a feeling that there is a rule of law even for some lower echelons of the elite. The every day man or woman is pleased by such shows and it placates the general populace. These minor elites will naturally get a little rap on the knuckles, nothing too severe. Do remember that the real elites are not visible, anyone who is visible is at a low rank. The real elites have carte blanche to do whatever they want without reproach or question.”

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