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#MeToo Backer Bill Clinton Reveals Why He Backs The Feminist Cause

NEW YORK - USA - Former president Bill Clinton doubled down Monday night on his view that he is a serious supporter of the #MeToo agenda and deplores any of his actions in the past.

Toxic Clintons to be Dumped in the Atlantic Ocean

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Clintons are now so toxic in American politics with their double-dealing crooked ways, that even the elites are washing their hands of them.

Experts: When Sex Slaves Go Wrong

NEW YORK - USA - Sex slaves amongst the powerful rich are not meant to go wrong, and when they do, it creates a mighty mess.

Bill Clinton Google Glass Video Feed in Great Demand

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Bill Clinton is to start wearing Google glasses wherever he goes.

US Secret Service Say They Learned Everything From Bill Clinton

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Amidst the fallout of the Colombian secret service fiasco, some servicemen are claiming that they learned their seduction skills from the one and only Bill Clinton while he was in office.

Clinton Wants New Shirt From Bush

PORT AU PRINCE - Haiti - In what was supposed to be a show of solidarity in a devastated country, Bill Clinton and George W Bush have been reduced to bickering over trivial matters much to the embarrassment of their handlers.

Bill Clinton Portrait Sells at Sotheby’s

NEW YORK - US Election fever has reached the premier art dealer Sotheby's with a major auction presentation which included a portrait of ex-president Bill Clinton going under the hammer.

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