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Bill Clinton Google Glass Video Feed in Great Demand

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Bill Clinton is to start wearing Google glasses wherever he goes.

Former U.S. president, Bill Clinton has been chosen by Google to be one of the first presidential recipients of the new Google glasses which record everything.

“I am honoured to receive such a gift. As you all know, my exploits are highly entertaining and I may from time to time share these experiences with the public. Naturally, I will be selling the videos from a special subscription website so Hillary can rest assured that her reputation will stay intact.”

The former president spends most of his days at his presidential library where the young female librarians cater to his book finding needs.

“I ask them to find certain books for me. The ones that are on the highest shelf. I like to hold the ladder so they don’t fall, but if they do, I’m there to catch them.”

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