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Epstein List: Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew Suddenly Get the Sweats

GREAT ST JAMES ISLAND - North Atlantic - Former US President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are at the top of the Epstein list.

Things are getting rather sweaty for the likes of serial visitors to Epstein Island, a place where nothing happened according to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. It’s just not those two names on the Epstein list, but people like Michael Jackson and David Copperfield have recently been revealed by a US court.

Prince Andrew apparently does not have the ability to sweat, but as further allegations are revealed, he may start sweating like a priest at a choir boys convention.

As for Bill Clinton, this guy is as cool as a cucumber and will not be bothered by any allegations revealed about his time on Epstein Island, burying his cucumber deep inside the coterie of lithe young ladies on the island was just something an ex-president does. Besides, what’s a man to do when the old bag back home is a rug muncher?

Michael Jackson apparently visited the island as well, but here is the mystery. Did Epstein ship in a bunch of underage boys for his visit?

Whatever happens in the near future is just pure entertainment.

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