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Hundreds of Tory MPs and Councillors Defecting to Reform UK

LONDON - England - Hundreds of Tory MPs and Councillors are defecting to Reform UK Party about from the unpopular Tory Sunak government.

As the spectre of the General Election emerges, hundreds of Tory MPs and councillors are in talks about defecting to Reform UK, the true Brexit party. The floundering Sunak, an unelected appointee to the Tory Party after stabbing former PM Boris Johnson in the back, is now in a truly desperate state.

Richard Tice, the leader of the Reform Party, was keeping tight-lipped about the re-introduction of man-of-the-people Nigel Farage, but it is almost a certainty that he will make an appearance in the party before the election.

Reform UK have also ruled out any dealings with the Tory Party or coalitions.

Unfortunately, under the first-past-the-post electoral system – even if the Reform Party picked up millions of votes, it would not receive a single seat in parliament. Defecting to Reform UK would however bring forth a powerful message to the established parties.

Maybe this is the time for a change in the voting system, something resembling the truly democratic system that was utilised for the EU Referendum in 2016 where every vote counted.

Richard Tice said it would not be “easy” for Reform UK to make a breakthrough at the next general election, but “if you don’t try, you have got no chance”.

Asked what would represent a good result for his party, Mr Tice told reporters: “We are very clear. We need millions and millions of people to vote for us to help send a very clear message to help save Britain and to avoid the catastrophe of Starmergeddon.

“We all know, no bones about it, the first past the post electoral system is completely the wrong system, it is a disastrous system, we want proportional representation, that is a fairer system.

“We are not saying it is easy. It is difficult. But one thing is clear, if you are not on the ballot paper, if you don’t try, you have got no chance.”

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