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It is Impossible to Have an Insurrection Without Firearms

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Democrats do not know what an insurrection is, and have skewed the word for electioneering purposes by subverting the law.

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Call it an insurrection or a coup d’état, or a revolution, neither are achievable without firearms, tanks, guerilla warfare or explosives. The Democrat machine which is calling the January 6, 2021 unarmed protest/riot an insurrection have no idea what a real fucking insurrection is.

An angry mob of civilian protestors who were unarmed and were let into Capitol Hill by security personnel were just a bunch of disgruntled voters. The armed police and Secret Service within the building had machine guns and pistols, and could have called up the U.S. military at any time to shoot the unarmed protestors. One unarmed female protestor was killed in cold-blood by an armed security officer. The United States has an army and many agencies who are armed to the teeth, therefore a bunch of unarmed civilians do not constitute as a viable threat, however angry and disenfranchised they may be.

The ridiculous and useless efforts by the Democrats to skew a mild riot by unarmed civilians and label it as an ‘insurrection’ is foul play and a fundamental misunderstanding of the term. The Democrat-run Colorado court which illegally blamed presidential candidate Donald Trump are misusing and subverting the process of law to ban Trump from running for president.

It is truly sad to see the subversion and corruption of the law and democracy by a political party that dare to call themselves ‘Democrats’.

On October 26, 2018 Democrat feminists stormed the U.S. Supreme Court and bypassing police lines. This was a protest by unarmed civilians and not deemed an ‘insurrection’. If they were Republicans, the Democrats would no doubt have called it an insurrection and caused a big fuss about it.

Just before 1 p.m. ET, hundreds of protesters crossed police lines to gather on the steps of the Senate, chanting, “November is coming.”

Some held large red signs with black letters, stretched across several steps that read, “We believe all survivors.” Two women kneeled in front of the steps, fists raised in the air, before hundreds more protesters who gathered in front of the steps.

Within half an hour, police began climbing the steps and detaining protesters. As they were brought off the steps, officers zip-tied protesters’ hands behind their backs before leading them away from the building.

U.S. Capitol Police said a total of 164 people were arrested during the protests for “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.” Police said the people who were arrested were being processed offsite and would then be released.

As the protests in Washington D.C. continued to escalate, simultaneous protests were taking place in cities across the United States like Denver, Atlanta, Cleveland, and New York City. SOURCE

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