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2024: This Could Be the Last Year For the Weak West

LONDON - England - The struggling and weak West is possibly on its last legs as multiple global threats converge upon its territory.

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In 2024, the global landscape is poised for significant political and geopolitical shifts, with more people around the world participating in elections than ever before. However, the state of democracy appears to be in a precarious position, facing challenges and threats that demand urgent attention and adaptation from the Western world. With war, pandemic, and mass corruption rife in the weak West, the slow apathetic reactions to emerging global problems is in itself a problem.

The integrity of democracy is being tested in various parts of the world. Sham elections in countries like Belarus and Russia undermine the fundamental principles of democracy. Moreover, the dilution of democracy in India under the leadership of Narendra Modi and the corruption within the ANC in South Africa are indicative of the challenges faced by democratic systems. Additionally, the complex power dynamics in Pakistan further contribute to the global concerns surrounding democracy.

The relative decline of the West and the rise of Chinese power have significant implications for global democracy. The impact of Chinese aggression is evident in various geopolitical scenarios, including the grave danger faced by Taiwan due to the threat posed by Beijing. Furthermore, the strategic attention on China and the Pacific has influenced the actions of leaders like Vladimir Putin, potentially leading to events such as the invasion of Ukraine. If Putin takes Ukraine, he will move through Europe like a knife through butter — and the EU’s apathy to this is very worrying.

The Middle East has become a focal point of global concern, particularly with Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons and its efforts to undermine regional stability. The Iran-backed Hamas attacks on Israel and the actions of Houthi rebels, supported by Iran, have further escalated tensions in the region, posing risks to international shipping and contributing to a potential oil crisis. The Israeli military operation in retaliation to the grotesque Hamas attacks on civilians may be justified, however in the long-term it has created anger amongst many Islamic countries in the region and fuelled a prolonged escalation of war as well as mobilising entire new generations who have become radicalised.

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Incumbent governments across the Western world are facing a challenging period, as evidenced by the outcomes of recent elections in countries like the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, and Slovakia. It is a certainty that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States, thus bringing forth further uncertainty, as the American socialists will no doubt rebel.

Global instability has had a profound impact on voters, leading to economic and cultural insecurities in Western countries. Rising voting blocs based on ethnic and religious identities have further exacerbated divisions within societies, leading to mass protests and communal tensions. The rise of agitant groups like Black Lives Matter and MeToo create a further polarising effect on society and culture.

The immigration crisis has emerged as a significant issue, with countries like Britain, Germany, and the US grappling with the challenges posed by large influxes of migrants. The political response to these challenges has become a focal point of debate and contention within domestic politics. The weak response by Western nations to the hordes of invading illegal economic migrants poses an existential threat to the survival of Western nations, and is being used by foreign enemies as a weapon.

Amidst these complex global challenges, there is a pressing need for a new approach to address the underlying issues. It is imperative to acknowledge the importance of building a better, stronger, and more secure future, one that addresses the multifaceted challenges facing the world in 2024.

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