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Why Woke Ideology Divides and Destroys Societies

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The woke ideology has been completely adopted by Americans through the process of normalisation.

Today there are woke Marxists who abhor capitalism, democracy and freedom of speech, yet they still are functioning and working within a Western capitalist democracy. How can that be? Well, many of these people were indoctrinated into Marxism from youth whilst living in the permissive West and once they come of age they become woke activists working from within capitalist democracy to destroy the ideals of Western culture and society.

Create polarity

The main battering ram of the woke is division. To destroy a society from within, woke agents must first divide people into groups, then play all of the different factions against each other to create discord, chaos, social attrition, violence and riots.

The woke disguise their push for division by masking it with fake virtue. Known as ‘virtue signalling’. Wokism essentially weaponises societal differences in race, sexuality and religion. This pigeonholing of entire swathes of people creates chaos and rifts in society, destabilising and demoralising entire nations from within.

“It’s a way of making people within any given target nation hate and doubt themselves from the inside. As a destabilising force, wokeness is also promoted from the highest levels of society and even conglomerate brands, who are paid off to spout the woke party line.

“When ordinary people see these brands promoting woke propaganda, there is an affirmation of the message, thus normalising wokism,” a CCP minister revealed from Beijing.

Destabilisation internally

The CCP and Russian FSB have been destabilising the USA for decades now, and the nation is thoroughly defeated and polarised from the inside societally.

“We want you to detest your own self and country. Here in China, we are more racist than any other country, but we homed into the racial rifts within your country and encouraged the blacks in your country to revolt. Over here in China, any such action would be crushed in an instant. In America, rioting and looting was even encouraged by the Obama and Biden administration, causing immense economic and societal damage to your country.

“Wokism not only weakens the target nation from the inside out, but it weakens the fighting forces of the weakened nation. Joe Biden has weakened and killed off the US military not only by defunding drives but by emasculating soldiers. Why would America’s enemies want a strong, masculine force of soldiers to fight against? Thanks to complete useful idiots like Joe Biden, the onus is put on the US military becoming a trans queer LGBTQP emasculated bunch of preening flower arranging woke pussies more concerned with makeup techniques and nail salons than machine guns.”

China would win a war fought against American soldiers today under the Biden administration.

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