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How to Create Unrest: Give People Everything Then Take it All...

SHANGHAI - China - It's easy to create unrest in a population. Simply take away all their freedom.

Gone With the Wind – The Bollocks of the English and...

LONDON - England - It seems there is little or no will to fight back against the desecration committed on British and American cities anymore -- no bollocks.

Activists: White People Wearing Black Virus Masks is Racist

WASHINGTON - USA - BLM activists have declared that white people who wear black masks for protection against coronavirus are racist.

Mexico Thinking of Building Wall to Keep Crazy Rioting Americans Out

MEXICO CITY - Mexico - After seeing the riots and looting in most American cities, many Mexicans are considering building a wall to protect themselves.

BLM and ANTIFA Riots Simply Another Symptom of Overpopulation

LONDON - England - The think tank for 'Global Population Control' postulates that the current BLM and ANTIFA riots are a symptom of overpopulation.

Black Woman Who Sees Through the Propaganda and Lies – Candace...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - African American conservative commentator, and author, Candace Owens Farmer, sees through the propaganda and lies of the democrat party plantation owners, who keep African Americans down in the perpetual ghetto.

George Floyd to be Sainted by Pope in America

LOS ANGELES - USA - WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Pope Francis will be canonizing George Floyd as a saint, when he visits America in July.

Hard-Up Famous Celebrity Couple Caught Looting Target Store

LOS ANGELES - USA - A celebrity couple have been spotted looting an area Target store.

Many Rioters Do Not Know Who George Floyd Was?

CHICAGO - USA - Many rioters across American cities do not know why they are rioting and looting, and do not know who George Floyd was.

Intelligence: China Encouraging BLM ANTIFA Rioters Across U.S. Cities

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - As the riots and looting go from city to city, one must look at the destabilising root of all the strife, and who is really running the show to take America down from the inside - China.

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