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The Social Media Model That Caused War, Chaos, Polarisation

LONDON - England - Social media is the cause of mass human polarisation, war, chaos, misinformation and exploitative manipulation.

When social media first appeared on the scene, the Daily Squib immediately noted how the exploitative system was inherently a tool for governmental surveillance of the population, intrusive, totalitarian in nature and essentially a politically charged mechanism creating increased levels of polarisation which could easily be manipulated to create chaos and discord as well as misinformation. Looks like we were right.

Populations around the globe are now more polarised than ever, we now are seeing the rewards of social networks with increased war, discord, chaos and uprisings.

The people responsible for this foray into pandemonium simply do not care about the consequences of their actions in the first place. They are happily profiting off using the masses as cash cows of content for their platforms, whilst reaping huge payouts from advertising and selling off user data to marketing managers and governmental intelligence agencies.

If you at any point in time put up a profile of yourself using your real name and details, you are not only a fucking idiot but have now been compromised for eternity on the World Wide Web. Not only are you a sucker, but your every move, every action and every thought is tracked, logged and used against you. Teenagers do and say silly things, this is a natural process of growing up, however do you really want all of your teenage angst and embarrassing gaffs to haunt you for the rest of your life. Adults do and say silly things, now your every brain fart can be used against you at any time in the future leading you to lose your job, be labelled unjustly, judged and convicted all without any legal court involved.

People are now visited in the middle of the night by state police officers, dragged out of their beds and never seen again simply because of a social media post they may have written many years ago which is now deemed as bad. This happens a lot in places like China and Russia, and even in the West. Social media companies readily help the CCP or any other totalitarian repressive regime to have their citizens arrested simply for voicing their right to speech.

What was touted as bringing humans further together and opening up cultural barriers has been the exact opposite, and now humanity is paying the price for social media proliferation. The majority of the population have been tricked into joining social media now, and have compromised themselves for life. It is nigh on impossible to extricate the data mined from you and your behaviour, and you will be stuck for life/labelled/pigeonholed/judged and exploited within the quick sand of the social media swamp.

To have a modicum of privacy these days is the new frontier for humanity, which has effectively been eviscerated, raped and exploited beyond comprehension by Silicon Valley dictators and control freaks. The nerds certainly had their revenge, that’s for sure, and the world is paying the price for their punishment called “social media”.

Thanks to social media and networks we are now condemned to a cycle of increased war, violence, chaos and polarisation rising at an exponential level year on year.

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