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Jeremy Hunt and Sunak to Blame For Tory Election Defeat

LONDON - England - After six by-election losses, Tory election defeat is a certainty thanks to Jeremy Hunt and Sunak.

Instead of capitalising on Brexit and bigging-up the economy, these two miscreants Jeremy Hunt and Sunak have not only fucked over the Tories but killed off Brexit. If you can’t understand that increasing taxes and fomenting a great depression in the economy is not a good thing, then you’re a Jeremy Hunt (_unt). Tory election defeat is now a certainty.

Deterring business, punishing small business, punishing start-ups, deterring foreign business, high taxation, high inflation, are just some of the mistakes this insolent government have perpetrated on Britain.

Again, it will be up to Reform UK to show the socialist Tories in their Tory election defeat how things are done. Over half of the former Tory voters and Brexiteers have moved there.

Sunak ruined Britain’s economy whilst he was Chancellor by borrowing trillions to furlough failing businesses during a lockdown that should never have happened. If the need for a lockdown during the pandemic was so great, it effectively eviscerated the entire economy. Failing businesses should have been allowed to fail, instead they were propped up at huge cost to the taxpayer. The socialists Jeremy Hunt and Sunak are in no way Tories and should be in the Labour Party. Furlough cash that was handed out by the trillion was lost to fraudsters and written off by Sunak.

Jeremy Hunt needed to put a pair of electrodes on Britain’s gonads to kickstart the economy (Truss’s idea which was ruined by Remainers) by lowering taxes and reducing business red tape, reducing or killing off VAT (an EU tax), opening up Britain to foreign business — instead he killed off the economy further stifling it into a stupor. Kickstarting manufacturing in Britain would have brought trillions into the economy, but instead Hunt taxed and hindered it to a standstill.

You could have Humpty Dumpty up for the next election and they would win. The Tory Party are no longer Tories, and the unelected technocrat Sunak with his remainer mate Hunt are to blame for the entire fiasco. When Labour wins, say goodbye to the economy, say goodbye to Brexit and say goodbye to Britain as a nation as it will dissolve under further huge debt mountains brought on by profligate socialist spending — pretty much the same as the Tories then.

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