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What’s Up With Britney?

LOS ANGELES - USA - What's up with Britney Spears? The autotune mime star seems to be displaying psychosis.

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Looks like the schizoid Britney Spears is losing it once again, as she makes a video dancing around with kitchen knives whilst miming cutting her own throat.

“These autotune pop stars who were basically puppets of record companies and management deals are now finally becoming conscious of how they were used in the past. Yes, they made some millions, but the people who controlled them made even more money off these puppets. Once their stardom fades, they finally realise the magnitude of the exploitation they have been victim,” a former record executive revealed.

To see Britney Spears’ psychosis stuck in some outdated vulgarly furnished McMansion somewhere in Los Angeles is a sight of pure despair, her jerky dance movements and obvious anguish in her eyes tells a lot more than the kitchen knives she waves around. This is an exploited human being who needs help, but unfortunately when it comes to the Music Biz, there is never any help — just pure exploitation.

“Last time I saw her like this, she was running rampage through LA with a bald shaved head and an umbrella,” one of her handlers noted.

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  1. Britney needs a good man to look after her. Hello, Brit if you read this I will care for you. I am 35, well built and have a good heart. Please email me Lars463 at yahoo dot com.

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