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Leftist Luvvies Dismiss Pictures of Beheaded Jewish Babies

LOS ANGELES - USA - A bunch of leftist luvvies have completely dismissed and ignored Hamas terrorist atrocities against Jews.

Luvvies including Tilda Swinton, Steve Coogan and Maxine Peake have come under fire for failing to condemn Hamas’ brutal terror attacks in a letter calling for a ceasefire.

“We don’t see Jews as humans, so anything that happens to them, we just ignore it and laugh. If it was a bunch of Palestinian babies beheaded, then we would acknowledge our disgust,” one of the celebrities said, giggling inanely.

Being a champagne socialist Marxist celebrity is not easy these days because some people are seeing through their virtue signalling and narcissism.

“I was having luncheon at some 4-star Michelin restaurant when a Jewish woman came up to me and showed me a picture in the paper of a beheaded Jewish baby. I practically choked on my Canard Challandais au sang rôti, ses cuisses confites et purée de potimarron, navets boule d’or et condiments de raisins secs, sauce au xérès et au poivre. Haven’t you got better things to do than to bore me with such awful Israeli propaganda? I mean, they’re Jews, they deserved it,” another leftist luvvie quipped.

Such is the vitriol against Jews by leftist woke celebrities that many don’t even acknowledge that Jews are human beings and dehumanise them at every opportunity. They also firmly do not believe that Israel has the right to defend itself from attack, let alone exist in the first place.

In any war, one should acknowledge both sides of the coin, especially when it concerns innocent unarmed civilians suffering. In the case of the current Middle Eastern conflict, those in Gaza and Israel all are humans affected adversely. By not mentioning the atrocities by the Hamas terrorist group, these celebrities have shown their true anti-Semitic hateful nature.

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