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Cleaning Your Home in the Future with Tineco Floor One S3

LONDON - England - Cleaning your home has never been easier with the first smart cordless floor washer, the Tineco Floor One S3.

The FLOOR ONE S3 is the first smart cordless wet dry floor washer in the industry that automatically detects, cleans, and vacuums floors using its patented iLoop sensor. Hard floors are instantly dried and streak-free as a result of this real-time optimisation of suction power, water, cleaning agents, and brush roller speed. The FLOOR ONE S3 also includes a one-touch, multi-stage self-cleaning to ease product maintenance and keep homes odour-free, as well as an all-in-one LED display with voice instructions to monitor the cleaning your home process.

To help you lead a simpler, more pleasant life, Tineco UK has devoted more than 20 years to the hoover business. The business has been investing since 1998 to create more than 20 new hoover items annually. Over 100 engineers and professionals have joined the R&D team as of late. Tineco UK is dedicated to growing our intellectual property portfolio in order to provide customers with quality products everywhere. The corporation currently possesses more than 1,000 foreign patents and 345 trademarks. More than 30 nations around the world now sell Tineco cordless vacuums.


1: System for Dyad. The Roborock Dyad Wet/Dry Vacuum has two roller motors, a multi-roller cleaning head and easily eliminates wet and dry stains, leaving floors dry and clean.

2: Edge-to-Edge Cleaning That Works. The two rear rollers work in tandem with the full-length front roller to create a unique cleaning system that extends to the brush head’s very edge. With one motion, you can clean all the way into the edges of walls.

Two independent cleaning systems. You never rub a dirty brush on pristine flooring, since brushes clean themselves as you mop the floor. The brushes clean themselves again after cleaning, then they are ready to use.

Cleaning That Adapts. Onboard sensors measure the amount of filth being cleaned, and they automatically alter the water flow and suction force to provide the most thorough cleaning with the least amount of effort. With simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, you can fully clean the floors with the least amount of work.

Cleaner with Agility. To effortlessly clean around table legs, chair legs, and other impediments, the head smoothly flicks up to 180°. One finger may be used for both pushing and pulling, thanks to the counter-rotating rollers.

The self-cleaning technology on the Tineco S3 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is extremely effective and was created to simplify maintenance and guarantee peak performance. The roller brush, an essential part of both wet and dry cleaning, is the primary emphasis of this system.

The self-cleaning system operates as follows:

  1. Auto-Detection: The clever iLoop(TM) sensor technology found in the Tineco Floor One S3 can recognise the different types of rubbish on your floors. It detects the amount of dirt and modifies the cleaning power as necessary.
  2. Automatic Roller Brush Cleaning: The vacuum activates the self-cleaning mechanism when it notices an excessive build-up of dirt or debris on the roller brush.
    Self-cleaning roller brushes have a tangle-free design that keeps hair and fibres from wrapping around the brush. This guarantees thorough and regular cleaning.
  3. Comb and Flushing System: To eliminate tangled debris, the brush is combed, and any leftover dirt and debris are flushed away with water.
  4. Maintenance Alerts: To let consumers know when the self-cleaning procedure is over, the Tineco Floor One S3 may also send out maintenance alerts via the app.

The Tineco Floor One S3 is a practical and user-friendly option for keeping your floors clean because this self-cleaning mechanism not only improves the vacuum’s cleaning effectiveness but also lowers the need for human maintenance.

A strong suction system on the Tineco Floor One S3 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner ensures extremely effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces. One of its primary characteristics makes it suited for both wet and dry cleaning activities because of its strong suction power.

A summary of the strong suction features is provided below:

Multi-Surface Versatility: The Tineco Floor One S3’s adjustable suction power allows it to perform admirably on a variety of surfaces, from carpets to hardwood floors. For each type of surface, the user can choose the best power mode to use.

High Suction Power: The digital motor in the hoover produces a high suction power to efficiently capture dust, debris, and even tough dirt. This guarantees a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, whether hard and soft.

Enhanced Pet Hair Removal: The Tineco Floor One S3 excels at cleaning up pet hair, which can be difficult for certain hoover cleaners to do because of its powerful suction and tangle-free brush design.

Large Particle Pickup: The robust suction is easily able to handle larger debris and particles, such as cereal, crumbs, or small stones, without clogging or losing efficiency.

Effective Cleanup of Liquid Spills: When in wet cleaning mode, the hoover efficiently collects spilled liquid, leaving your floors dry and clean.

Continuous Suction: As the trash can or water tank fills up during the cleaning operation, the vacuum maintains constant suction force to ensure minimal performance loss.

Adaptive Suction Control: The Tineco Floor One S3 automatically adjusts suction power for the best cleaning results based on the level of filth detected by its iLoop(TM) sensor technology.

The Tineco Floor One S3’s effective suction mechanism is a crucial component in its cleaning ability, giving it a flexible and effective option for maintaining your home clean and immaculate, whether dealing with dry material or liquid spills.

As a result, the Tineco Floor One S3 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner stands out as an amazing option for cleaning your home that fuses cutting-edge technology with useful design to provide users with an exceptional cleaning experience. Due to its wet and dry dual cleaning modes, it may be used for a variety of floor types and cleaning requirements. Self-cleaning technology guarantees little users get a fantastic cleaning experience. While the powerful suction is backed up by adaptive suction management and clever sensors to provide thorough and efficient cleaning, the self-cleaning system ensures minimal maintenance problems.

Additionally, the ease of app control and a long battery life further improve its usability. The Tineco UK Floor One S3 is an all-in-one cleaning solution for any home because it is excellent at collecting pet hair, taking on heavy rubbish, and effectively treating liquid spills.

The Tineco Floor One S3 represents a breakthrough in home cleaning and provides a look into the future of intelligent and efficient cleaning appliances in an age where technology is revolutionizing daily tasks. It is a great addition to any contemporary house with its cutting-edge features and high-performance capabilities, which not only make cleaning easier but also improve the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of your living area.

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