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Mariah Carey Lip Sync a Comment On Today’s Music Biz

NEW YORK - USA - The music biz continues its precipitous fall into mediocrity, lip syncing, autotuned hell.

2016 The Year Satan Collected

CLARKSDALE - USA - Making a deal with the devil ain't easy, because you really have to want what he offers and you really have to be ready to give away your soul for eternity.

Adele New Song Hello Breaking Charts

LOS ANGELES - USA - Adele is storming the charts and smashing records with her brand new hit Hello.

MTV to Stop Broadcasting Music Videos

LOS ANGELES - USA - MTV will stop playing music videos because the ubiquity of internet music has made songs and videos “passé”, the company’s chief executive has revealed.

Corporate Business People Start Own Music Service

NEW YORK - USA - A group of corporate non-artists have started their own music service on the internet(s).

Pop Music: Songs that Ruled the Music Charts

LONDON - England - The 2000s gave us a lot of huge hits making it a hard task to pick the best of the lot. Here is our pick for the best of pop music hits in our retrospective.

David Bowie to Tour Scotland

NEW YORK - USA - David Bowie has announced a tour of Scotland in August this summer his management company has revealed.

What Happens When Dumb People Become Famous?

LOS ANGELES - USA - The entertainment business is fickle, there's no news there, but it seems to be getting dumber and dumber attracting even more unintelligent people than ever before.

McDonalds Now Recruiting Latest X Factor Winners

LONDON - England - The McDonalds chain is gaining the majority of their employees from X Factor shows it has been revealed.

One Direction Boy Now Living On Skid Row

LOS ANGELES - USA - One Direction boyband member Harry Styles, who has fallen on hard times is now living on Skid Row as a homeless person, a Fox news report has revealed.