Another African American Rapper Shot

NEW JERSEY - USA - 21-year-old rapper Lil Tjay underwent emergency surgery after another rap shooting.


The life expectancy of an average African American rapper these days is about 21 years, according to a new study.

Welcome to the new plantation, this time blacks give their lives to a rap industry that chews these naive fuckers up like bubblegum spitting them out like chewed pieces of gristle. Rap labels may seem black, but look up the chain of distribution and royalties and you will find white conglomerates running the show.

Just last week, 31 rappers were shot dead in Chicago alone. Rappers like Lil Toe’rag, Masta Bater, Dumb Shizzo, Phat Grillz, SmellS Baum, Winkz Jnr., lx7r-u, Pop Choker, Jigz Lamont and of course the almighty Helmet Cheeze IV Esq.

Corporate slaves

“We call them ghetto fodder, use them until they’re either shot dead or die from drugs or AIDS. If one of these rappers die, it’s just as good as having them slave away for us doing their stupid nonsense jibber jabber shows. We actually make more revenue off them when these pieces of narcissistic egotistical, untalented ghetto shits die. They’re rapping about being gangsters and highfalutin big boyz, but everything’s out on loan in their videos. Even that fat lipped toad Jay Z who thinks he is some kind of record boss answers to us. Without our structures, these nonsense dribbling putrid moronic dunces would all be rapping on the street corner to a crowd of pigeons,” one conglomerate staff member commented.

The word is: keep dying rappers, keep getting shot, keep shooting yourselves because at the end of the day you’re still part of the same plantation as before. No mo’ cotton — just bullets and bullshit records this time round.

Slavery never ended, it seems…